Mirror Portraits: BLINK Project Funded by Madison Arts Commission!

The Madison Arts Commission is sponsoring an upcoming public art project for The ArtWrite Collective! Keep an eye out for self-portraits drawn by members of our community popping up on mirrors throughout Madison; participating artists are exploring ideas of visibility/invisibility, displacement, and voice in the context of their own experiences. Artists hope to interrupt the daily routines of passersby with their portraits and stories. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to online casino vergleich now is the time to start playing and winning!

This is a BLINK project; expect the drawings with accompanying narratives to pop up in spaces one weekend in late June and then vanish within days.

We’ll keep you posted on installation sites. Want to participate by hosting a portrait at your business or public building? Do you feel that you’ve been historically welcoming to our diverse community? Reach out to lead artist Alaura at theartwritecollective @ gmail.com

blink mirrors award