An installation of “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” will be created to cover the side of the Art-In building (Madison, WI) for all to see but we need your help! Come enjoy music, drag performances, Sharpie tattoos, tarot card readings, refreshments, and raffles with wonderful prizes on October 6 as we raise cash for the upcoming You Are Beautiful mural!
Gratitude, love, and fairy dust owed to major support from the Madison Arts Commission.
Aesthetically diverse YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL murals have risen out of Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, California, and as far as Italy. We are participating in a globally understood conversation. And we are bringing it to Madison!
This mural project will live in both its history and its future simultaneously: it honors the art of those before us while optimistically anticipating what those in our community can do for each other in the years to come.
The engineering and installation will be accomplished by Art In and ▶︎ the painting will be done by ArtWrite artists Alaura Seidl and Wendi Kent alongside local LGBTQIA+ youth. These youth, who will be recruited out of the queer and trans groups with which ArtWrite often partners, will form a youth leadership team committed to the project.◀︎
These youth will gain experience in public art making, recieve financial support for their art practices, and find a celebratory outlet in this work.
❤︎ We need your support! There are numerous ways you can help us make this a huge success besides attending:
We are still seeking donations as listed below:
★Businesses, organizations, and individuals to donate goods, gift cards, and services that can be raffled off
★Performers for entertainment
★Dollars sent through the internet machine here
★Want public recognition for your dollars? Corporate and individual sponsors can donate funds at the following levels. Get in touch at [email protected] if you’d like to sponsor through cash or check. You’ll be recognized through social media announcements as well as at the ribbon cutting ceremony:
Frida Kahlo- $500
Isaac Julien- $300
Keith Haring- $250
Zackary Drucker- $100
Zanele Muholi- $75
Alvin Baltrop- $50
Please RSVP on Facebook or by contacting Wendi Kent ([email protected]) or ArtWrite Collective ([email protected]).
Our city is pretty beautiful already but amplifying quieted voices through art can always make it more beautiful.
Music by Dana Perry, sharpie tattoos by Maggie Gosselar from Colt’s Timeless Tattos, tarot card readings from Maggie Madole and much more!

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