The ArtWrite Collective uses art as a tool for social justice through creative youth development, activist artist partnerships, and arts landscape diversification.


To be an affirming leader in arts-based changemaking whose collaboration with artists, youth, and peer organizations creates pathways for a more equitable, healthy, and just community.

Any educational, consultative, design, or public art project that we undertake fits within one or more of our three strategic areas:

Creative Youth Development

We are designing and facilitating creative youth programming alongside nonprofits and other organizations to promote the well being of LGBTQ youth, youth of color, and young womyn. Depending on the partnership, our workshops are held weekly, monthly, or sporadically throughout the community as requested.

Activist Artist Partnerships

Our team is passionate about fostering economically viable professional opportunities for artists engaged in anti-oppression work. We advocate for paid community-based creative gigs, host shows, design artist retreats, and connect artists doing the hard work in our community.

Arts Landscape Diversification

Collectively, we are shifting the local aesthetic and cultural landscape to better represent the creative processes and experiences of everyone growing up today. We do this through public art projects, publications, and by infiltrating public spaces with our creativity and our voice.

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