Speaking Out Against Systemic Racism

Our collective is committed to creative youth development, where young people are supported in sharing their voices and are seen as resources. We work with young folks who share from a deep place in the gut and who are courageous enough to share even when they are hurting. Two of these young folks told their piece at last night’s Police & Fire Commission, alongside many others. The room was packed, they were exhausted from a day of rallying, and they still showed up to leave it all out on the table. We are so, so proud of their bravery in response to Tony Robinson’s death.

“I have a history. I have a past. I am in a safe place now, but because of events like this, I don’t feel safe the moment I leave the house. If people treated me only based on my troubled history, I would have to fear for my life. Nothing I do should result in me dying because of how I’m perceived based on my past. The way that I look shouldn’t put me at risk, either. And if you think I’m more dangerous than a grown man with a gun, then I am in real trouble.”

pic1 pic2

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